Thursday, July 26, 2012


This past weekend Shaun and I got to visit Roma, Italia. It was a dream come true. Both of us had been wanting to visit Italy for a long time. Walking around Madrid you see many old buildings that are amazing. But nothing can compare to Roma. Seeing the Colosseo was awe-inspiring. It is astonishing that they could create something so magnificent in 80 a.d. Everywhere you look in Rome is gorgeous. We went to the top of the museum of the fallen soldier. We had an astounding view of the city. Also the food in Roma is so delicious. I have never had such succulent pizza and wine.
We are finishing up our classes this week and will be taking our tests on Monday. I feel that my Spanish has greatly improved from the immersion, but there is always room for more improvement. We have had such a great experience here, it will be a bittersweet departure.

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