Saturday, July 14, 2012


         We have had the opportunity to visit two wonderful museums so far. We went to the Prado first which was art before the 20th century. Next we got to visit the Reina Sofia museum, which has more modern art. The most impressive piece of art to me was the Guernica by Picasso. When you see it in textbooks it doesn’t look anywhere near the size it actually is. The painting is massive and so emotional.  They even display progress photos of the painting. The Guernica didn’t make it to Spain until the 1980’s. Picasso had said that the painting was for the Spanish people but he didn’t want it there until there was a true democracy. We also got to see some Salvador Dali paintings. He was very eccentric with most of his work. Though one of my favorites of his is of his sister, standing looking out a window at the ocean.  It is amazing how much history is in Spain. 
         On Sundays in Madrid they have an open-air market, which is known as El Rastro. We went and it was very fun walking around and seeing all the different venders items. They have everything you could think of; clothes, old records, antiques, books, bags, posters an much more.
         I really enjoy taking classes here too. At first it was a little overwhelming because they insist that you don’t speak any English at all. Now that we are farther along I feel much more comfortable. I think I am learning a lot. 

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