Monday, July 9, 2012


Hola from Madrid,

         Shaun and I have been exploring Madrid each day. We picked the best time to come here. There is always something exciting going on. The first weekend we arrived, there was a Gay Pride celebration.  On that weekend they had a Gay Pride parade, there were literally millions of people in the streets. We could barely move a block down the road.
         Then we got to experience Spain’s soccer team win the Euro Cup. We took a walk through the park the night of the game. We didn’t even have to watch because each time they scored there was an eruption of cheers that could be heard for miles. The following day the soccer team rode a bus through Madrid. Once again the streets were absolutely packed with millions of people. People take great pride in soccer here.

Each building in Madrid is beautiful. They are so detailed and well made. The Palacio Real is the most gorgeous building I’ve ever laid eyes upon.  We also got to go the Prado museum, it was so amazing to see all the classical art. It’s interesting because the King and the royal family picked all the art pieces that are in the museum. So the collection is very unique.


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  1. ¡Hola Kaylie! Me alegro mucho que pases un lindo viaje. Espero que las clases sean buenas y que aprendas mucho. ¡Diviértete mucho!
    --Dra. D'Amico