Friday, December 28, 2012

Be Proactive.

    I have the luxury of having some great friends and family that gracefully assist me through the obstacles one encounters during the exploration of environment, life. They keep me grounded while allowing me to exist as my own being. That being said, I am realizing more and more that no matter how much support, and help you have from your social network it is up to you to make things happen.
    Yesterday I got to enjoy a nice lunch with my newlywed friends that are enjoying their baby free lifestyle. They have a few more years of  life experience than I do so I appreciate their thoughts. They share a very realistic outlook on life that is refreshing.
     I am continuously being faced with the question of what my plans are after graduation. I still have about a year to make a final decision, but there is no amount of time that can prepare you. You have to be dedicated to your decision regardless of how long you pondered on it. So like many of my conversations go, our lunch conversation turned toward talk of the future. Luckily I enjoy discussing with my friends about future plans. Particularly these two, they have experience. When you graduate from college it seems you are faced with two decisions, get a job or keep going to school. I have been leaning more towards continuing my education. They had previously advised me to look into different colleges other than ISU, nothing against ISU they each received their undergrads from there. It is very beneficial to attend another university to build your network and gain experience from different professors with individual views. I have been asking around, mostly to professors about what they advise and most of them agree that a different experience is better, some though believe life experience is what you need.
    I like the sound of life experience. But, I also love the idea of continuing my education. I am attempting to figure out how to go about this. I know that I want a job that allows me to travel and write. So this is my first attempt at being proactive. I am going to keep up with my blog.

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